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Adventurers, Hark! Heed my Warning of the Peril Beyond our Gates…

“In the misty North, a shadow forms forth, to claim the fate of man!”

A wayward bard, not unknown to the hearth of the Old Brazier Inn, strums the first chords of a well known song – one of the many darker songs finding their way into even the most ensconced of kingdoms within the Run…

Adventurers and traveling Minstrels have long spoke of the ill fate of distant kingdoms far to the West – one after another falling prey to an expedition of ‘Barbaric monsters’ hailing from the Firestrom Ring. Their long, uninterrupted march south and east have crushed kingdoms, left entire cities razed to the ground, townsfolk fleeing to the wilds, and placed inevitable dread in the Hearts of Kings to the east of the Run.

What to do when the horns of War are heard on our horizon?

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A Trail of Kings welock